Sep 252008

I’ve been trying to capture my cat jumping like this for a while now.  She’s been either out of frame or out of focus in previous attempts.  Persistence pays off sometimes! More pictures are below!

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Sep 172008

I shot last night at IO West in Hollywood.  The show was great.  This is my first low light shoot with my new camera.  All in all, the shots turned out better than my old camera.  The D80 and 50mm 1.4 is a good combo.  I am looking forward to shooting with the 24-70 2.8!

More pics online here:

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Sep 072008

So I made it to Texas in one piece.  DFW is a huge airport. It took about 10 minutes via bus to get from the terminal to the rental car area.  The hotel said there are over 25 restaurants within walking distance.  Tonight I had blackened chicken pasta from a cajun style place.  The pasta was great.

So there is nothign to do in Fort Worth Sunday night.  The rooms have two 32″ HDTV’s that actually display HD.  I’ve been in other hotels with HDTV’s that only display standard def.  This is much better.  I should have packed my PS3 to keep me company.

Hopefully the city will come to life during the week.

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Sep 022008

Seconds after I walked away from my computer for a break, I heard glass crashing in my office.  It turns out that the lamp on my ceiling was not secured tightly enough, and finally gave out.  This is right next to my chair.

My cat and I are lucky our heads are still intact…

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