Oct 132008

They say Flintstone’s vitamins are chewable. All vitamins are chewable, it’s just that they taste shitty. I’m glad they made Flintstone’s vitamins because I used to watch The Flintstones and go, “Man I bet you if I ate that dude, I would be healthy.” — Mitch Hedberg

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Sep 072008

So I made it to Texas in one piece.  DFW is a huge airport. It took about 10 minutes via bus to get from the terminal to the rental car area.  The hotel said there are over 25 restaurants within walking distance.  Tonight I had blackened chicken pasta from a cajun style place.  The pasta was great.

So there is nothign to do in Fort Worth Sunday night.  The rooms have two 32″ HDTV’s that actually display HD.  I’ve been in other hotels with HDTV’s that only display standard def.  This is much better.  I should have packed my PS3 to keep me company.

Hopefully the city will come to life during the week.

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Jul 272008

To check the DNS on a domiain using a server other than your default DNS server, this command is useful:

dig host.domain.com @

Thanks Vic.

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